Results-driven software engineer with over 12 years of experience specializing in full-stack development, data engineering, and cloud-native applications and architecture. Demonstrated success in leading cross-functional teams, optimizing software performance, and implementing scalable solutions across diverse industries. Seeking freelance opportunities as a Principal Software Engineer, Lead Developer, Tech Lead, or Cloud Architect to leverage extensive technical expertise and translate business needs into high quality software.


Tech Lead

December 2021 / April 2023

Energyworx, Houten

  • Led team of 4 developers
  • Increased code quality using techniques like TDD and BDD
  • Introduced Domain Driven Design to the company by way of EventStorming sessions which allowed for people to much better and much sooner come to grips with the complex platform, as well as form a basis for architectural decisions
  • Introduced multiple software design principals like hexagonal architecture, black box testing and inversion of control
  • Led development of new microservices system which would provide the main entrypoint into the platform
  • Setup infrastructure using Terraform on Google Cloud Platform
  • Built extensive CI/CD pipelines using GitLab
  • Provided consultation to different teams around topics like security, networking, CI/CD and SRE
gRPC Istio OpenTelemetry Go Python Google Cloud Platform Firebase Docker Kubernetes Terraform OAuth2 OpenID Connect JWT

Chief Technology Officer

January 2020 / November 2021

Katana Labs, London

  • Responsible for- and main developer of all technical aspects of product including architecture, software design, infrastructure and CI/CD setup
  • Built, led and coached team of four, multidisciplinary developers
  • Built globally scalable infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes
  • Developed data pipelines in Apache Beam
  • Developed MLOps pipelines using Kubeflow
Go Python JavaScript TypeScript React Google Cloud Platform Firebase Docker Kubernetes Apache Beam PostgreSQL Kubeflow Terraform OAuth2 OpenID Connect JWT GraphQL

Full-Stack Developing Consultant

February 2015 / December 2019

Xebia, Hilversum

  • Engaged with multiple clients on diverse projects as a full-stack development consultant
  • Quickly developed strong full-stack engineering and DevOps skills due to Xebia’s focus on knowledge sharing and being surrounded by high level peers
  • Grew as a consultant due to high profile projects where a lot was expected
  • Took on leading roles within teams and was involved in key technical and architectural decision-making


  • Katana Lens  - ING
    • Designed and implemented globally scalable architecture using Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform
    • Decoupled application from external dependencies, creating a modular system
    • Built search solution on PostgreSQL
    Go Python Google Cloud Platform JavaScript TypeScript Node.js React Docker Kubernetes Apache Beam PostgreSQL
  • OHUB 2.0  - Unilever
    • Built Java APIs on Azure enabling data collection from many parts of the company
    Scala Spark Java JavaScript Docker Azure
  • Katana  - ING
    • Built backend services in Scala using Akka Streams
    • Made key technical and architectural decisions
    Scala Akka Python Go JavaScript Apache Kafka Apache Flink PostgreSQL CouchDB Polymer
  • TNT / FedEx bridge  - TNT
    • Developed Angular frontend for bridging TNT and FedEx networks
    • Developed backend Scala components for needed frontend functionality
    Scala Akka JavaScript Angular.js Docker Node.js
  • My DHL Parcel  - DHL
    • Developed Angular frontend which abstracted away many intricate DHL business processes
    • Assisted backend Scala development for integration with existing DHL systems
    Scala JavaScript Angular.js PostgreSQL Cassandra

Web Content Management Consultant

May 2012 / January 2015

Incentro, Rotterdam

  • Engaged with multiple clients on diverse projects as a Java implementation consultant
  • Took on full-stack development efforts
  • Led development efforts and coached team members


  • New website and webshop  - G-Star Raw
    • Created custom Java backend for new webshop
    • Integrated backend with multiple existing systems and CMS
    • Optimised performance to pass a taxing load test with ease
    • Led development efforts and coached team members
    Java Scala HTML CSS JavaScript Angular.js Play! Framework Tridion CMS Intershop
  • New intranet  - Leiden University
    • Single-handedly developed new intranet in short time
    • Integrated with existing LDAP system
    Java HTML CSS Hippo CMS LDAP
  • New public website  - Municipality of Wijchen
    • Created new public facing internet using Hippo CMS with custom Java components
    Java HTML CSS Hippo CMS
  • Google Search Appliance  - ASML
    • Implemented the Google Search Appliance using XSLT and jQuery.
    GSA XML XSLT JavaScript JQuery
Java Scala HTML CSS JavaScript JQuery Angular.js Play! Framework Tridion CMS Hippo CMS Intershop Google Search Appliance XML XSLT

Frontend Web Developer

November 2011 / April 2012

SIM Groep, Rotterdam

  • Built websites for Dutch municipalities
  • Integrated with SIM Groep’s custom built PHP components
  • Made websites accessible for disabled users by leveraging layered functionality and screen reader optimisation
HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP Accessibility

First-line Maintenance Engineer

May 2011 / October 2011

Prime-Ops, Nieuwegein

Assistant Branch Manager

April 2009 / November 2011

BelCompany, Woerden

Ambulance Driver

September 2004 / December 2006

Royal Dutch Army - Medical Service, Ermelo

Armoured Vehicle Driver / Anti-Tank Shooter

January 2007 / January 2009

Royal Dutch Army - Air Assault Brigade, Schaarsbergen



 - Square One, Amsterdam

An email client that brings a Kanban-style workflow to email.

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Firebase
  • Svelte.js
  • Golang


 - UX-Flo, Amsterdam

A web application that allows users to upload, modify and replay user testing sessions recorded using UX-Flo’s recording desktop application. The sessions contain all input events a user produced and the application makes these interactive.

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Firebase
  • Vue.js
  • Golang

Skills & Proficiency

  • Go

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • Python

  • Scala

  • Java

  • gRPC

  • Microservices

  • Service Mesh

  • OAuth2

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Firebase

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Terraform

  • GitLab (CI)

  • PostgreSQL

  • Apache Beam

  • Kubeflow

  • Node.js

  • Svelte.js

  • Vue.js

  • React.js