Having started my software career as a frontend developer, some 12 years ago, I soon after took on backend development as well. Since I’ve never stopped doing either I’ve effectively been a full-stack developer for my entire career.

Along the way I’ve been driven by the desire to be able to build and deploy software systems from first line of code to monitoring in production. This has led me to specialize in fields such as CI/CD, DevSecOps, Big Data, MLOps, SRE, cloud architectures and software design.

This broad set of skills and extensive experience means I’m effective in situations where I mediate between people of different technological backgrounds and skill levels.

    Frontend Developer : HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery
    Backend Developer : Java
                      : CMS Implementations
                      : Frameworks
    Fullstack Developer : Angular / React / Vue / Svelte
                        : Scala / Python / Go
                        : Best Practices
                        : Software Design
                        : CI/CD
                        : Persistence Technologies
    Cloud Architect : Containers / Kubernetes
                    : Networking / Security / Eventing / Scalability / Big Data
                    : Google Cloud Architect Certification
                    : DevSecFinOps / MLOps
                    : SRE
    Technical Leadership : Domain Driven Design
                         : Clean Architecture
                         : CTO

"As we cannot be universal by knowing everything there is to be known about everything, we must know a little about everything, because it is much better to know something about everything than everything about something."

— Blaise Pascal

    Education }|--|{ HappyDeveloper : enables
    NiceDeveloperExperience ||--|| CodeQuality : requires
    HappyDeveloper }|--|| NiceDeveloperExperience : develops
    NiceDeveloperExperience ||--|{ HappyDeveloper : creates
    CodeQuality ||--|{ HappyDeveloper : creates
    HappyDeveloper }|--|| CodeQuality : improves
    HappyDeveloper ||--|{ GoodSoftwareDesign : designs
    ProperImplementation }|--|| CodeQuality : requires
    GoodSoftwareDesign ||--|{ ProperImplementation : requires
    ProperImplementation ||--|{ HappyCustomer : creates
    HappyCustomer }|--|| HappyBusiness : creates
    HappyBusiness ||--|{ HappyDeveloper : creates


My mission is to teach development teams how to design and implement software that delights both developers and the business.

Too many times I’ve encountered code bases that are dreadful to work with, difficult to maintain, contain many bugs and simply do not deliver the value that the business needs them to. Often these are built by well-motivated, smart people. But these developers simply lack the knowledge needed to built something better.

I aim to turn these code bases around with the help of the developers that built them. By sharing my knowledge about topics like design patterns, build and test automation, microservices and cloud native architectures, I teach them how to build and maintain systems that are a joy to work with, easy to extend and can quickly adjust to changes in the business.

"Software is sustainable when, for the expected life span of the code, we are capable of responding to changes in dependencies, technology, or product requirements. We may choose to not change things, but we need to be capable."

— Titus Winters  |  Co-author of Software Engineering at Google


Theory is vital for a complete understanding but I’ve noticed that for many developers the ‘click’ happens when they actually see the theory being put into practice. That’s why my approach is based on leading by example. As part of your development team I will take the members along in showing how I write software and why.

When it comes to understanding the software needs; I’ll have to understand the business. This means getting to know the people which make up the business. From day one I’ll be setting up meetings with stakeholders and will start to form a picture of what is going well, where the challenges reside and how I can be most effective.

    "Development": 30
    "Code Reviews" : 20
    "Consultation": 20
    "Coaching" : 20
    "Workshops": 10

Companies I’ve worked with

Katana Labs
G‑Star Raw
Leiden University
Municipality of Wijchen
Katana Labs
G‑Star Raw
Leiden University
Municipality of Wijchen

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